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Copyright Information

Molecular Graphics Visualisation Tool

RasMol is a program for molecular graphics visualisation originally developed by Roger Sayle. This site is provided for the convenience of users and software developers of open source versions of RasMol. In order to ensure continuing availability of source code and documentation most programs and documents on this site are subject to copyright. This does not prevent you from using the open-source versions of RasMol, from making copies and changes, but prevents the creation of "closed source" versions out of the open source versions. Appropriate copyrights and licenses appear with the relevant sources and documents. In particular, please note the following copyrights:

Portions of the OpenRasMol web site are Copyright © Herbert J. Bernstein 2000 -- 2005. All Rights Reserved.

In general the Open Source RasMol 2.7 releases are Based on RasMol 2.6 by Roger Sayle
Biomolecular Structures Group, Glaxo Wellcome Research & Development
Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK
Version 2.6, August 1995, Version 2.6.4, December 1998
Copyright © Roger Sayle 1992-1999

and Based in part on Mods by Arne Mueller
Version 2.6x1, May 1998
Copyright © Arne Mueller 1998

in addition, the RasMol 2.7.2 and subsequent releases are Based in part on Mods by Gary Grossman and Marco Molinaro
Version 2.5-ucb, November 1995
Version 2.6-ucb, November 1996
Enhanced by the MultiChem Facility, University of California, Berkeley
Copyright © UC Regents/ModularCHEM Consortium 1995, 1996

RasTop 1.3 August 2000
Copyright © Philippe Valadon 2000

Version 2.7.0, 2.7.1, 2.7.2, 2.7.3 Mods by Herbert J. Bernstein
Bernstein + Sons, P.O. Box 177, Bellport, NY, USA
2.7.0 March 1999, 2.7.1 June 1999, January 2001,
2.7.2 August 2000, April 2001, January 2004,
2.7.3 Feburary 2005 Copyright © Herbert J. Bernstein 1998-2005

with RasMol 2.7.3 incorporating changes by Clarice Chigbo, Ricky Chachra, and Mamoru Yamanishi. Work on RasMol 2.7.3 supported in part by grants DBI-0203064, DBI-0315281 and EF-0312612 from the U.S. National Science Foundation and grant DE-FG02-03ER63601 from the U.S. Department of Energy.

and Incorporating Translations by
Isabel Serván Martínez,
José Miguel Fernández Fernández
2.6 ManualSpanish
José Miguel Fernández Fernández2.7.1 ManualSpanish
Fernando Gabriel Ranea2.7.1 menus and messagesSpanish
Jean-Pierre Demailly2.7.1 menus and messagesFrench
Giuseppe Martini, Giovanni Paolella,
A. Davassi, M. Masullo, C. Liotto
2.7.1 menus and messages
2.7.1 help file

The original RasMol manual was created by Roger Sayle. In July 1996, Dr. Margaret Wong of the Chemistry Department, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia, made extensive revisions to the RasMol 2.5 manual to accurately reflect the operation of RasMol 2.6. Eric Martz of the University of Massachusetts made further revisions. In May 1997, William McClure of Carnegie Mellon University reorganized the HTML version of the manual into multiple sections which could be downloaded quickly and added use of frames. Portions of the 2.7.1 version of the RasMol manual were derived with permission from William McClure's version using Roger Sayle's rasmol.doc for version 2.6.4 as the primary source. Changes were made in August 2000 for RasMol version 2.7.2, January 2001 for RasMol version and April 2001 for RasMol version and February 2005 for RasMol version 2.7.3.

The RasMol documentation was adapted for RasTop by Philippe Valadon in August 2000.

RasTop Documentation Last Updated 15 September 2000
Edited by Philippe Valadon

RasMol Documentation Last Updated 19 April 2005
Edited by Herbert J. Bernstein and Frances C. Bernstein

IMPORTANT - Copying and Distribution

These web pages may contain links to other sites which have their own copyrights and conditions under which you may make copies. Nothing we say on the pages of this site should be construed in any way as affecting the right to make copies of such other sites or in and of itself creating a right to make copies of such other sites.

Each RasMol distribution should be consulted for the applicable copyrights and conditions for copying. RasMol 2.7.3 may be distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, the GPL ( see GPL or type the command help GPL in RasMol)

or RasMol 2.7.3 may be distributed under the RASMOL license (see RASLIC or type the command help RASLIC in RasMol).

All open source versions of RasMol in the 2.7 series prior to the 2.7.3 release may be distributed only under the RASMOL license (see RASLIC or type the command help RASLIC in RasMol), but without the option using the GPL.

See the file NOTICE for important notices and additional information.

| Copying and Distribution | Contents | Software Distributions |
| RasMol Manual | Frequently Asked Questions | RasMol 2.7 Series History | RasMol and OpenRasMol |
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The OpenRasMol site is provided courtesy of Bernstein + Sons, Information Systems Consultants.
Portions © Copyright Herbert J. Bernstein 2000. All Rights Reserved. Other copyrights apply. License to copy most pages on this site will be granted if certain open source and other conditions are adhered to. See http://www.OpenRasMol.org/Copyright.html. To request permission to copy any elements from our pages, or to send comments about our pages, please write to webmaster@OpenRasMol.org. If you establish a link to one of our pages, please let us know! Updated 29 April 2005